Will Glass Mouse Skates Damage a Glass Mouse Pad?

Glass skates, known for their smooth gliding capabilities, are a popular choice among competitive gamers and mouse enthusiasts alike. However, the question arises: can glass skates be used on a glass mouse pad? The answer, surprisingly, is a cautious no.

While the idea of matching materials seems intuitive, using glass skates on a glass mouse pad is not advised due to potential damage to the pad's surface. Glass skates, with their hard nature,  have the potential to create scratches or slow spots on glass pads, thereby degrading overall performance.

For users seeking the perfect synergy between their mouse and glass pad, alternative skates like our WALLHACK UHMWPE Dots are recommended. These skates are designed with low friction and high durability, providing ideal glide without harming the pad. Our UHMWPE dots have been designed from the ground up for use with glass pads, rather than being plainly compatible.

Alternatively, users can opt for PTFE dots or skates as a compatible choice for glass mouse pads. Although not as resilient as UHMWPE, PTFE skates offer a good compromise between performance and longevity. It's important to note, however, that PTFE skates may require more frequent replacement to maintain optimal performance, as they are prone to wearing down over time.

Simply put, glass skates + glass pad = bad time.