Wallhack Pro UHMW-PE Mouse Skates

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Wallhack x X-Raypad Obsidian Pro Mouse Skates are a result of collaboration between Wallhack and X-RayPad. These universal mouse skates, crafted from high-quality 0.8mm UHMW-PE ensure a low-friction experience and better control. Their DIY nature allows for easy customization to fit a wide range of mouse models, making them a versatile choice. Skates also feature remarkable durability, effectively resisting wear and tear through extended use.

Wallhack x X-Raypad U-PE Mouse Skates are perfect for Wallhack Glass Mousepads, offering a reliable and smooth gaming experience.


  • Made with Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE).
  • Optimized Thickness. Being only 0.8mm skates provide a perfect balance between speed and control. Enhanced Durability. Highly resistant to wear and tear, our mouse skates are built to last.
  • Easy Application. Comes with an easy-to-apply design and a non-residue adhesive, ensuring a secure fit and effortless replacement.
  • Universal Compatibility. Designed to fit any mice, making them a versatile choice for various gaming setups.
  • Curved Edges. Skates come with rounded edges to prevent any snagging or scratching, ensuring a consistent glide across your mousepad.
  • Optimized for Glass. Designed to work flawlessly with Wallhack Glass Mousepads.

Package Contents:

  • 40 dots of Wallhack x X-Raypad Obsidian Pro Mouse Skates
  • 2 Alcohol cleaning wipes
  • 2 Residue removal wipes

Enhance your gameplay with Wallhack x X-Raypad Obsidian Pro Mouse Skates. Crafted for gamers prioritizing precision, lasting performance, and smooth movement. Step up your gaming with Wallhack and feel the immediate impact.


UHMWPE mouse skates provide a balance between low friction and robustness. The material's high molecular weight contributes to its excellent wear resistance, ensuring that the skates maintain their smooth glide even after prolonged use.

A macro shot of black colored UHMWPE dot skates on the bottom of a gaming mouse


Designed to accommodate all types of mice, making them a versatile option for
diverse gaming setups. Adding more Dot Skates to the mouse will increase
friction, thereby enhancing control.

A close up shot of the bottom of a gaming mouse with black colored UHMWPE dot mouse skates

Mouse Skates FAQ

  • In a nutshell, dot skates cover less surface area compared to traditional stock or aftermarket skates. This seemingly minor alteration has a profound impact on performance, especially when paired with glass or other hard mouse pads. The reduced surface area translates to less friction between the mouse and the pad, giving gamers and aimers unparalleled mouse speed and precision.

  • Generally speaking, a 3 by 3 layout is recommended (see above picture), comprising three dots placed on both the top and bottom skate areas. Place one dot on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right for each area. This layout provides a balanced distribution of friction across the mouse's movement, ensuring smoother and more precise control.

  • While there is no specific time frame for replacing mouse skates, there are telltale signs that it's time for an upgrade. If you notice a slowdown in mouse glide or experience instability and wobbling on the mouse pad, these are clear indicators that the skates may be reaching the end of their useful life. These issues can negatively impact gaming performance, accuracy, and overall user experience.