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wallhack sp-004
the skypad successor

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The SP-004 (SkyPAD 004) provides an unparalleled glass surface designed for high accuracy tracking, combined with a 60A silicone base for a full footprint grip.

The silicate glass is micro-etched for a unique surface experience and heat treated at 620° Celsius to achieve the same structure and durability of tempered auto glass also known as safety glass. 

What are glass mousepads?

Glass mouse pads offer truly unparalleled speed and overall performance, while maintaining their quickness for an incredibly long time. Aside from this, our SP-004 glass pad uses a unique etching process that creates a layer onto the surface, to not only provide perfect tracking information for your mouse’s sensor, but to also provide extreme precision and smoothness compared to a cloth mouse pad. Since it’s hardened glass, the consistency of the surface will be unmatched, making it stand the test of time with significantly longer lifespan than cloth. Being able to rely on the same consistent interaction allows the user to form more reliable muscle memory as the user will be able to know the unchanged surface at a deeper level over time.
The glass surface also has the added bonus of being easy to clean and maintain.

What's the difference between the SP-004 and the SkyPAD-003?

Our SP-004 features improved durability, surface and base compared to the SP-003. The SP-004 features a fullbacked base, made from high-quality 60A Silicone, capable of gripping securely to even the most slippery desk surfaces. Literally immovable like a rock.

The SP-004 also features an improved Silicate Glass surface, capable of providing more precise tracking, while being more silent than the SP-003. This surface, and the entire glass pad itself is extremely durable, due to our unique tempering process which results in matching the strength of security glass.
The overall look and aesthetic feel of SP-004 differs greatly from SP-003, as it represents the full push into the WALLHACK virtual universe.

How durable is the SP-004

Our SP-004 Glass Mouse Pad features unparalleled durability, unlike any other glass pad on the market. Forged from fire, our SP-004 features upgraded tempered glass, capable of matching the strength of security glass. Going from the previous iteration of our glass pad, the SP-004 takes a big leap forward in durability.

The SP-004 will never have common problems that affect cloth pads, such as edge fraying, staining, slow spots - or even problems that affect some glass pads such as easily shattering or scratching.

Designed in Denmark

We design and test our products in-house, allowing us constant interation from within our team of ex-pro and high ranking players right here in our HQ.

Consistent Surface

The SP-004 surface is engineered to have a low static and kinetic coefficient of friction, creating an ultra smooth surface for virtually frictionless tracking.

Tempered for durability

Made of silicate glass heated to 620° Celsius, resulting in a material structure comparable to security glass, ensuring robustness that can handle daily wear and tear effortlessly.

Anti-slip Base

Made of 60A silicone, capable of providing a unique combination of flexibility for contouring to different desk shapes, while providing excellent grip for distraction-free gaming.

Introducing Soft Mousepads

Soft mousepads, also known as cloth mousepads, are considered the original mouse pad. They are significantly slower in their feel that glass mouse pads, but optimised for control.

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