Softpad MO-001 (Speed)

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MO-001 Mousepad: Engineered with Crepe Weave fabric, with a Japanese Poron base. Designed to ensure precise movements and comfortable, extended play. Perfect for those who demand accuracy and stability in their gaming experience.

Of the two soft mousepads we offer, this is the faster version. 


49cm x 43cm x 0.4cm


Crepe Weave Fabric


Japanese Poron

Fast for a cloth Pad

MO-001, a soft mouse pad designed for speed and precision. It's the ideal choice for gamers who demand quick, responsive movements without loosing the classic control feeling of a cloth mousepad.

WALLHACK SY-001 MO-001 Black mouse on a loose black cloth pushing down

Crepe Weave Fabric

Known for its crinkled surface and elasticity, created using highly twisted yarns. While its textured, slightly stretchy nature can enhance mouse tracking and comfort while gaming.

A close up shot of a black mousepad edge stiching showing Crepe Weave Fabric

Japanese Poron

High-performance urethane foam, made in Japan, known as "SOFT PORON".

The backside of WALLHACK Soft Mousepad with Japanese Poron Base

More About Softpad MO-001 (Speed)

  • MO-001 refers to the first version of our “MOSS” (Natural) lineup of Cloth Mousepads.

  • MO-001 is a control pad, but is faster than our SY-001 cloth pad, as per the design of the surface. The surface is Crepe Weave, and thus has more peaks in the texture allowing for less surface area coming into contact with the mouse skates, resulting in less friction, while still providing adequate control.

  • WALLHACK MO-001 cloth mousepads are uncoated to provide consistent performance and feel, without developing slow spots.

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