Gaming Compression Sleeve

Reduce friction, increase comfort



  • Gaming Arm Sleeves are commonly used both on the stage in competitions, and off the stage at home by gamers. The main purpose of an Arm Sleeve is to provide reduced friction on a mouse pad or table edge when used on your gaming mouse hand. This is incredibly useful for high-performance speed pads like our glass pads, as it ensures both your arm and wrist won’t get in the way of clutch moments.

  • Our Arm Sleeves are made from a premium mixture of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex, giving long-lasting comfort without becoming deformed or stretched. This blend of materials allows for all day and night comfort, without constricting or being too tight while playing your favorite games.

  • Instead of a “one-size fits all” solution, our Arm Sleeves are available in 2 sizes, capable of fitting different body types. Just like there are different ways to hold or aim a gaming mouse, there’s also different sizes of arms!

    If you’re unsure if our Arm Sleeves will fit you, be sure to check out our convenient sizing chart.