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Cloth Mousepads FAQ

  • As a brand and gamers ourselves, we wish to continue breaking the limit and provide the uniqueness and groundbreaking performance found in our glass pads, but in cloth form for those who prefer a soft pad.

  • Both WALLHACK MO-001 and SY-001 are cloth pads, however, SY-001 is considered the slower of the two pads. With SY-001, the Pique Knit Weave is tighter and creates more surface area that comes into contact with the mouse skates, resulting in more friction and control. MO-001 is slightly faster, with the Crepe Weave Knit having more peaks in the texture allowing for less surface area coming into contact with the mouse skates, resulting in less friction, while still providing adequate control.

  • Both the SY-001 and MO-001 cloth pads are uncoated to provide consistent performance and feel, without developing slow spots.