• Glass mouse pads offer truly unparalleled speed and overall performance, while maintaining their quickness for an incredibly long time. Aside from this, our SP-004 glass pad uses a unique etching process that creates a layer onto the surface, to not only provide perfect tracking information for your mouse’s sensor, but to also provide extreme glide precision and smoothness compared to a cloth mouse pad. Since it’s hardened glass, the consistency of the surface will be unmatched, making it stand the test of time with significantly longer lifespan than cloth. SP-004’s unparalleled consistency gives gamers and competitors the ability to form more reliable muscle memory for their gaming mouse movements, while remaining easy to clean and maintain.

    It’s no secret that improving your performance in aim trainers and games alike is directly connected to muscle memory and consistent movements. Our SP-004 glass pad provides the perfect conditions for exactly that.

  • Our SP-004 features improved durability, surface and base compared to the SP-003. The SP-004 features a fullbacked base, made from high-quality 70A Silicone, capable of gripping securely to even the most slippery desk surfaces. Literally immovable like a rock.

    The SP-004 also features an improved Silicate Glass surface, capable of providing more precise tracking, while being more silent than the SP-003. This surface, and the entire glass pad itself is extremely durable, due to our unique tempering process which results in matching the strength of security glass.

    The overall look and aesthetic feel of SP-004 differs greatly from SP-003, as it represents the full push into the WALLHACK virtual universe.

  • Our SP-004 Glass Mouse Pad features unparalleled durability, unlike any other glass pad on the market. Forged from fire, our SP-004 features upgraded tempered glass, capable of matching the strength of security glass. Going from the previous iteration of our glass pad, the SP-004 takes a big leap forward in durability.

    The SP-004 will never have common problems that affect cloth pads, such as edge fraying, staining, slow spots - or even problems that affect some glass pads such as easily shattering or scratching. 

  • Cleaning the SP-004 is as easy as it was with our previous SP-003 glass pad! The included microfibre cloth can be used to remove dust from the surface of the pad as well as the underside of your mouse. For spills or stains, we recommend using any glass cleaning product on the surface, and plain water on the silicone base. Unlike cloth pads, there’s no need to give it a bath and let it dry for hours just to use it again.

  • While the SP-004 isn’t completely silent, unlike previous glasspads, its sound during use is unobtrusive for most users, especially those using headphones or in-ear monitors. The small sound produced while in-use is created by the micro-etched surface, which provides tracking information for your mouse sensor. Compared to predecessors, SP-004’s new silicone base limits the resonance of the glass, and provides a quieter experience when in-use.

    All of this makes for an excellent and improved experience out of the box.

  • SP-004 features a fullbacked base, made out of high quality 60A Silicone, which is known in the industry as being incredibly durable, and grippy. This provides a truly immovable experience, even on the most slippery of surfaces. Regardless of if your desk is made from wood, glass, melamine or other materials, the SP-004 will instantly grip unlike ever before.

    Even when used in humid environments, SP-004’s base will remain grippy so you can get your frags on regardless of the environment.

  • The new and improved surface on SP-004 features similar but enhanced properties previously found on the SkyPAD 3.0. This new surface is designed with a lower static and dynamic friction, in addition to feeling differently when touched.

  • SP-004’s surface feels slightly cold to the touch, however, this becomes unnoticeable after being used for a short time. This coldness is simply due to the pad being made from glass, and does not impede performance.


  • As a brand with a history of breaking the norms of product design, we’ve strived to push ourselves to new limits, without alienating our fans across the globe. Additionally, as a brand, we’ve felt that using the name “SkyPAD”, while being the name of our product, limits the scope of our company as a whole. With WALLHACK, we aim to break the mould for what gaming peripherals can be. 

    Imagine, if every important piece of gaming gear could perform as great as a SkyPAD. Well, that’s what we seek with Wallhack!

  • With Wallhack, we want to deliver performance-focused gaming peripherals that are unburdened by superficial enhancements and speak through the functional Scandinavian design philosophy. Aiming to build gaming gear that is straightforward in its ability and composition.

    We all have been restricted by over-the-top RGB specced gaming gear; we want to offer a curated selection of products that open doors to competitive gaming gear, delivering an alternative look to what currently exists.

  • We create top-quality gaming peripherals that boost performance and confidence. Our focus is on enhancing the gaming lifestyle and celebrating the diversity and spirit of the gaming community.

    As brands grow larger and more detached from their target audience, we maintain aclose connection with our followers and fans who have been with us from the beginning.

  • SkyPAD will continue to live on as our glasspad, we will continue to sell the old branded SkyPAD until we are out of stock, whilst also offering the 4th generation of SkyPADs, SP-004 for short, with our new branding but same genuine performace you've come to know.

    We have more great advancements to the SkyPAD product line coming in the future as well, so be sure to stay tuned!

  • Sora and Yume's story continues, and we're excited to expand the narrative of these twin characters. We have crafted an entire universe where their story take place, and we look forward to sharing more of it with you through upcoming releases, videos, and more.

Practical questions

  • Your order, depending on how recent, will be fulfilled with either the old SkyPAD 3.0, or new SP-004 design, depending on stock.

    However, if you have a specific preference, be sure to drop us an email at support@wallhack.com

  • Definitely! Our rebranding is a visual way to better communicate our goal and design as a company. Your previous warranty is NOT impacted in any way. We will still honor previous warranties, and commit to continue providing excellent service.

  • Our Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Discord, and others will go through a process of rebranding and communication to ensure our mission and vision as a company is conveyed properly. In some cases, where the social media platform doesn’t allow us to change our name, a new account will be created and shared. With that said, we will not abandon or ignore customers or comments on our previous SkyPAD accounts.

    For newsletter recipients, as well as email contacts, we will migrate them into our new domain so you don’t need to worry about signing up if you already have done so in the past!

  • If you’re looking to learn more, then be sure to sign up to our new newsletter, and follow us on our social media below! We’re incredibly excited about everything we have upcoming, and will be sure to share it. Get ready to experience the world of Wallhack!