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Wallhack questions you may have

  • As a brand with a history of breaking the norms of product design, we’ve strived to push ourselves to new limits, without alienating our fans across the globe. Additionally, as a brand, we’ve felt that using the name “SkyPAD”, while being the name of our product, limits the scope of our company as a whole. With WALLHACK, we aim to break the mould for what gaming peripherals can be. 

    - Imagine, if every important piece of gaming gear could perform as great as a SkyPAD. Well, that’s what we seek with Wallhack!

  • With Wallhack, we want to deliver performance-focused gaming peripherals that are unburdened by superficial enhancements and speak through the functional Scandinavian design philosophy. Aiming to build gaming gear that is straightforward in its ability and composition.

    We all have been restricted by over-the-top RGB specced gaming gear; we want to offer a curated selection of products that open doors to competitive gaming gear, delivering an alternative look to what currently exists.

  • We create top-quality gaming peripherals that boost performance and confidence. Our focus is on enhancing the gaming lifestyle and celebrating the diversity and spirit of the gaming community.

    As brands grow larger and more detached from their target audience, we maintain aclose connection with our followers and fans who have been with us from the beginning.

  • SkyPAD will continue to live on as our glasspad, with a new design to better match our new branding and direction. instead of being called “SkyPAD 3.0”, it will be stylized as “Wallhack SP-003”. Our overall design will be different, but the surface and exceptional performance will remain the same. We have more great advancements to the SkyPAD product line coming in the future as well, so be sure to stay tuned!

  • Sora and Yume's story continues, and we're excited to expand the narrative of these twin characters. We have crafted an entire universe where their story take place, and we look forward to sharing more of it with you through upcoming releases, videos, and more.

  • Your order, depending on how recent, will be fulfilled with either the old SkyPAD 3.0, or new SP-004 design, depending on stock.

    - However, if you have a specific preference, be sure to drop us an email at support@wallhack.com

  • Definitely! Our rebranding is a visual way to better communicate our goal and design as a company. Your previous warranty is NOT impacted in any way. We will still honor previous warranties, and commit to continue providing excellent service.

  • Our Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Discord, and others will go through a process of rebranding and communication to ensure our mission and vision as a company is conveyed properly. In some cases, where the social media platform doesn’t allow us to change our name, a new account will be created and shared. With that said, we will not abandon or ignore customers or comments on our previous SkyPAD accounts

    - For newsletter recipients, as well as email contacts, we will migrate them into our new domain so you don’t need to worry about signing up if you already have done so in the past!

  • If you’re looking to learn more, then be sure to sign up to our new newsletter, and follow us on our social media below! We’re incredibly excited about everything we have upcoming, and will be sure to share it. Get ready to experience the world of Wallhack!