Are All Glass Mouse Pads The Same as WALLHACK SP-004?

On the surface, glass may seem like an odd choice of material to use on a mouse pad, however it’s actually the opposite. Glass, when created properly, can give an unparalleled experience for FPS and other high mouse movement games.

However, not all glass mouse pads are created equally. Just like cloth mouse pads, just because they share the same material type, doesn’t mean the performance, durability and other factors are the same.

Let’s take a look!

On many gamer’s desks today, there’s a growing number of glass pads, some which offer control, while others focus on speed. Some glass pads may be shatter-proof, while others are not. Some may even slide around on your desk while you’re in a clutch moment of your favorite shooter. All of these variables come from the fact that some glass pads exist just to follow a trend, while others exist based on extensive testing, created to solve a problem that gamers experience. The list goes on and on - confusing right?

In a nutshell, these individual differences make glass pads different from each other, just like how cloth pads also vary among brands.

For us at WALLHACK, we’ve been creating and experimenting with our glasspads since the beginning where we were known as SkyPAD. This long journey of primarily focusing on enhancing our glass pads so gamers can enhance their skill sets, has given us the opportunity to create the next-level of glass pads - the SP-004.

Our SP-004 Glass Mouse Pad features a surface which is a testament to precision and movement, that transcends conventional boundaries set by most glass pads. Imagine a seamless connection between your hand and the virtual canvas, each movement a symphony of unbound accuracy. This freedom of movement transforms your gaming experience into a realm where the tangible meets the intangible.

And for durability, this is where our SP-004 Glass Pad truly shines as it features unparalleled durability, unlike any other glass pad on the market. Forged from fire, our SP-004 features upgraded tempered glass, capable of matching the strength of security glass.

All in all, not every glass pad is made equal, but what we at WallHack truly believe is that our SP-004 will not only change how you play, but also be a piece of gear that accompanies you for years to come.