WALLHACK MO-001 vs SY-001 Cloth Pads - Differences

As WALLHACK, our products transcend the traditional boundaries of gaming, to provide a tailored and unique experience for gamers. Along with our previously launched glass mousepads, our SY-001 and MO-001 clothpads provide a gaming experience unlike any other, with notable differences between the two. Take a look! 


Our WALLHACK MO-001 Mousepad boasts a crepe knit weave surface material, chosen for its exceptional performance. This unique fabric construction slightly minimizes surface contact with mouse skates, reducing friction while maintaining control. Which results in smoother mouse movements and enhanced precision for gamers seeking that competitive edge.


Our WALLHACK SY-001 Cloth Mousepad, boasts a pique knit weave to take your gaming experience to the next level. This weave isn't just for looks; it's designed to enhance control and precision during intense gaming sessions. SY-001 is designed to maximize surface contact with mouse skates, ensuring seamless gliding and heightened responsiveness. If you're pulling off precise maneuvers in a shooter, the pique weave knit delivers unparalleled control, letting you unleash your gaming potential.

It's worth noting that out of our two clothpads, MO-001 is faster than SY-001. If you're looking to upgrade your gaming setup, than be sure to check out both!