Glass Mouse Pads vs Cloth Mouse Pads - What’s The Difference

Every PC gamer knows the importance of using a mouse pad. But, did you know that your mouse pad could actually be what’s hindering you in your favorite games? Traditional cloth pads are exactly that - traditional. Here’s what the main differences are between cloth mouse pads and glass pads!

Glass pads and cloth pads differ greatly in their durability, performance, and how easy they are to clean. Our SP-004 glass pad takes these benefits one step further with innovation and embraces our vision to continuously improve.

In-game performance is incredibly important for any mouse pad as it can totally hinder your experience. Cloth mouse pads may easily form slow spots, and have inconsistencies when moving diagonally or horizontally due to their stitched nature. On the other hand, our SP-004 Glass Mouse Pad provides an unparalleled glass surface designed for high accuracy yet quick movement, made from micro-etched silicate glass.

One other key advantage of our Glass Mouse Pads is their durability. Unlike cloth pads that can wear out over time, our glass options are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan for your gaming setup. To take this one step further, SP-004 is heated to 620°celsius to achieve the same structure and durability as safety glass. This results in a durable pad that accompanies your epic gaming moments, without worrying about breakage during shipping or use.

Cleaning is also a breeze with Glass Mouse Pads. Spills and stains are easily wiped away, maintaining a pristine surface for optimal performance. Cloth pads, on the other hand, may absorb liquids and become more challenging to clean, forming inconsistent slow spots, which can greatly affect your mouse movements.

Comfort is paramount during extended gaming sessions, especially during competitive FPS games. Our Glass Mouse Pads provide a smooth and consistent glide, reducing friction, fatigue and distractions. The SP-004's large size, compared to most cloth pads, caters to users who prefer a wide range of motion without having to lift and reposition their hand.

Stability is often an overlooked feature as well. While many traditional cloth pads feature a herringbone rubber base which can slip and slide around on some desk surfaces, glass pads tend to stay in place more due to their weight and being a solid material. However, our SP-004 takes this one step further by using a 70A Silicone base for a full footprint grip, which will stay in-place on your desk regardless of the situation.

At Wallhack, we understand the importance of choosing the right mouse pad to enhance your gaming experience. Not only does our SP-004 glass pad vastly differ from traditional cloth mouse pads, they feature groundbreaking elements which set them apart from other glass pads on the market. If you’re looking to truly upgrade your gaming experience, then be sure to check out our SP-004 glass pad!