WALLHACK - Pure Performance, Not Just a Name

We at WALLHACK, formally known as SkyPAD, have been creating groundbreaking gaming gear for years. Our previous line of SkyPAD products not only revolutionized the glass mouse pad industry as a whole, but also powered up gamers to break their own records as well.

Our name change isn’t a simple marketing stunt to appear more interesting, but instead comes from our vision to provide truly innovative gaming gear, designed from the ground up to not only boost performance, but to also be aesthetic when doing so. 

As a brand, we’ve felt that using the name “SkyPAD”, while being the name of our fantastic line of glass mouse pads, limits the scope of our company as a whole. With WALLHACK, we aim to break the mold for what gaming peripherals can be.

Imagine, if every important piece of gaming gear could perform as great as a SkyPAD. Well, that’s what we seek with Wallhack!

With Wallhack, we want to deliver performance-focused gaming peripherals that are unburdened by superficial enhancements and speak through the Scandinavian design philosophy which focuses on function over design.

As gamers ourselves, we all have been restricted by over-the-top RGB gaming gear that feels like it came from a 1980’s roller disco. Instead, we at WALLHACK have created a legacy of curated products that open doors to competitive gaming gear, delivering an alternative look to what currently exists.

As brands grow larger and more detached from their target audience, we aim to maintain a close connection with our followers and fans who have been with us from the beginning.

That’s WALLHACK. Bridging Realities.